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Today, computers aren’t the only machines which access the web. A vast ecosystem of machines serve, access and refurnish the vast network. Technology has made it easier for the consumers to connect with each other and access the same workload through an array of devices. But it is a big challenge for those who are architects of websites. In lieu of greater demand of a technological versatility, websites need to adapt to each such connecting device.
Of course we understand your concern. Your would like to walk with your workstation, your digital media presence and all financial dealings in your pocket. With Webgiginfo, you get 100% responsive websites, suiting any device, be it android smartphones or your I-phones, your desktops or tablets. Our websites are extremely responsive, with focus on aestheticism, information and the fine balance between the two.

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static iconStatic Website

The first form of web page designing, the traditional html formatting is still one of our fortes. Static web pages, albeit being easier to create, are used in various websites today. Not all the pages of a giant website are dynamic. They are a mixture of both static and dynamic web page designing.
Webgiginfo excels at both. Our source codes are simple, perfect and responsive. Any glitch is always supported by our back-end gatekeepers, who are eveready at a moment’s notice. We are trained professionals who can serve you with efficient HTML websites that hold text, videos and audio-visual components.

Features: Static Web pages are easy to download as they are fast and have one source code operating through the entire page. Blogs, resumes, brochures of companies, progress reports are easily made in HTML development. Here are a few criteria that we consider while focussing on static web page building:

  • Fast downloading.
  • Compatibility with browsers.
  • Friendly Navigation by different search engines.
  • Consistency in Designs and Aestheticism.
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dynamic iconDynamic Website

Today web page designing has evolved completely with the same website showing different content at different times of the day. Let’s say the Amazon Big Billions days or for the Snapdeal Sale, today websites are extremely dynamic, designed to show users content based on more than one factor. These websites base their choices on Big Data, from your preferences and choices which those websites remember .i.e. both from server-side scripting and client-side scripting.


Custom Development

Our high expertise software and code development team caters to each individual client, understanding their needs and fulfilling them accordingly. Only after a thorough analysis of your business venture, do the web developers provide you with an out-of-the-box design, coupled with a high quality customized website and maintenance advice.


Open Source Technologies

Open Source Technologies demand lesser attention to the technical knowhow and greater focus on all the other elements. More companies employ OST for the backend programming of their websites nowadays. We are experts in handling PHP, My sql, Python, JavaScript, Java and so much more. Comfortable in all these programming languages, we assure you extensive background support for your website.


Ecommerce Solutions

Today business ventures come with payment modules and lucrative offers. Make your webpage the best source of revenue with our great ecommerce features and solutions. Employing both static and dynamic technologies, we structure websites with shopping cart features, extremely secure payment gateways, facilitating all kinds of payment systems.


Content Management System

CMS is the order of the day now. As we are always ahead of the flow, we take care of the content management of your website and everything that goes along with it. We provide extensive support in CMS web designs in WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and so on. We keep updating your website with all the new features and addons which get ignored by others.


Website Maintenance

Website maintenance is as much important as are outstanding designs and upgraded applications. It is also more than updating the website framework. Situating your website in the midst of all factors of growth, popularity, clicks and fusing it with your design makes your business venture a complete whole. We provide that for you.


Expert Consulting

A website should be easily navigable. That is the first rule to success. Fusing your requirements with our experience and advice is a way to ensure that your customers have a field day in using your website. We are a group of dedicated professionals who provide you with the easiest solutions.

Other Web services

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  • Corporate Website Design
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  • Insurance & Financial Website Design
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