25 Main Street Cafe

Website Design and eCommrece Development


Masters and maestros of grand culinary hits and perfectly relaxed tastes, you will always have this corner cafe at 25 Main Street in Salt Lake, Kolkata! No wonder it is the center of expression and gathering of Kolkata’s coffee culture, bringing an unmatched list of beverages and snacks. The establishment believes in a unity of conventional allure and modern elegance in every visit, as everybody is provided with a second-to-none experience.

On the other hand, 25 Main Street Cafe embodies full-fledged service, which is devised from the coziness of morning coffee to the sweet climax at the end with an exquisite dinner. The quality of products and services at Barista and Chef’s Shop is not only good but can also be defined as artisanal, which means that they are handcrafted with great attention to detail. Along these lines, the coffee shop industry bookable area accommodates private events, parties, and other upcoming occasions. This makes it a versatile meeting place.

On top of that, beyond the coffee shop’s premises, it provides a booking system online, which illustrates the quality of service and its customer-oriented approach with this convenience.


When the city is full of restaurants, petty passersby choose the best food places on the internet to coincide with the quality of the off-site experience. The aim was, as much as possible, to create an interactive brand identity on the Internet that would not only entice guests but also provide them with the simplest path to access the cafe’s services. The chicken of the balcony being and competing with the already established names in Kolkata’s gastronomy scene, the cafe intended to create its own niche and become a hallmark of Salt Lake’s dining.


Such a web page is based on the idea of visualizing the brand and personality of 25 Main Street Cafe. Considering the platform and dedication, WordPress is reliable and not complicated at all in management. Upon fundamental study, we have structured a layout and theme that correspond with the trend and spirit of the store.

The color palette was picked to reflect the disposition of the cafe, which was warm and welcoming, and that corresponded to the vibrant scenes and pleasing appetizers found at the cafe. Effective application of whitespaces and professional visuals, in tune with consumer experiences in the cafe, would equally be experienced online.


The final product is a carefully designed online space that is nothing but the pure embodiment of the simplicity and charm of 25 Main St. Café. The simplicity of the website navigation and streamlined user interface are the strengthening points that have reduced the website bounce rate dramatically, with customers spending more time on the website and checking up on the services. Alongside only three months since opening, the cafe has had an incredible moment in online bookings, showing its position as Kolkata’s Best Café in Salt Lake City Center. It is gratifying that the feedback from customers has centered on the twofold provision of real-world and virtual spaces by the cafe, and it has been positively received.