Website Design and eCommrece Development


Boi Patango is all about books, especially Bengali books and magazines. It is located in Kolkata but delivers orders across India. You can buy the latest editions of popular magazines and best-selling books from top authors. 

From students to die-hard literature lovers, everyone will find books to suit their unique tastes. The company provides a hassle-free service and ensures your books reach your doorstep at the earliest. 

Boi Patango is on a mission to grow the habit of reading books again. It wants to make books a regular companion of modern life to encourage minds to stay curious. In a world full of screens, Boi Patango is a unique endeavour to bring back what we grew up loving – reading!


Boi Patango came to us with the requirement to build a website. They also wanted to sell books from their website and ship products all over India. The online store needed to be fast and easy to use. 

The client required integration for logistics and shipping. Security of payment information was also a priority. Order management was another requirement stated by the client. 

Moreover, Boi Patango wanted to create a special branding that appealed to book lovers. It had an intellectual audience that came with distinct tastes and preferences. Additionally, the company wanted to target the Bengali population in Kolkata.


Webgiginfo was happy to get an innovative project. We always wanted to work on something creative that had something to do with books. 

Our main goal was to create an eCommerce store that clicked with the audience. It should be able to provide a pleasant shopping experience for more conversions. 

We met with the client several times to understand their preferences for branding. Our designers started researching to find out more about the audience. We came up with a mockup showcasing the products of the platform in the best possible manner to suit audience preferences. 

Our team added a local flavour to the website to appeal to book lovers in India. We went ahead with a layout highlighting Bengali literature and its widespread influence. 

We got the go-ahead from the client to proceed with the development. Our team decided to choose WordPress as it precisely met the store’s needs. 

Additionally, WordPress is a trusted name and one of our top specialities. We love working with the technology and have never encountered any unpleasant surprises. It is also highly secure and protects your website from known threats.

We also chose WooCommerce to build Boi Patango’s online store. It comes loaded with advanced features that contribute to making a fast and reliable store. Additionally, WooCommerce makes order management hassle-free and lets admins stay in control of the process.

Webgiginfo performed several tasks to prepare the online bookstore. We took care of logistics and payment integration. Customers could pay using cards, digital payment methods, and more. 

Moreover, we installed a currency converter to let customers pay in their preferred currencies. We also customized the shipping process to meet local preferences. The delivery charges were calculated automatically when a buyer entered their shipping details. 

We created several product categories to help the company sort its products. Our team created individual product pages complete with descriptions and images. We developed the store from scratch and made it ready to start selling.

The site used a secure HTTPS connection and industry-leading encryption protocols for complete peace of mind.


Boi Patango’s online store creates an immersive shopping experience. The website makes you feel like you have walked into a bookstore. We used high-resolution collages of book and magazine covers to establish the perfect branding. 

The eCommerce store also reflects Bengali culture and its love for reading. The site design blends in naturally with the products and encourages steady conversions. 

The online bookstore is highly user-friendly and uses a standard checkout process. It is familiar to local buyers and comfortable enough to reduce abandoned carts. 

Our SEO experts made sure the store attracted organic traffic for more leads and conversions. It is a pleasure to shop on Boi Patango and get your books delivered right to you.