Care and Cure Home Healthcare

Website Design and Development


Care and Cure is a leading home healthcare institution in Kolkata. It provides 24/7 access to quality healthcare right at your doorstep. An expert team of doctors, nurses, and medical staff takes care of patients across all demographics.

The agency provides ancillary services to support healthy lives. You can avail of rehabilitation services like a physiotherapist at home. Moreover, you can rent medical equipment at affordable costs and get your vaccines right at home. 

Care and Cure specializes in elderly care and has experienced professionals to provide qualified healthcare. You can always trust the company for end-to-end medical services.


Care and Cure came to us to start from scratch. It wanted to build a new website that would present patients necessary information to book services. The client wanted an intuitive website and hassle-free navigation to make the journey smooth for customers. 

However, the most important part was creating a seamless booking process. The website would serve as the storefront for the business. It was necessary to make it as simple as possible for patients to make a reservation quickly. Additionally, the client expected optimum conversions from all the traffic the site would get.


The main challenge in front of Webgiginfo was to deliver a patient-friendly user experience. The client also expected elders to use the website and book services. So, we had to cut any complexities out and create the user-friendliest UI. 

Moreover, younger people were expected to make bookings for their parents or themselves.

Another important area was encouraging conversions to make the most of the traffic. 

Our designers decided to use WordPress as the project requirements were not complex. We could use standard elements to create a professional website quickly and save money. Our team focused on the UI to ensure there were no complaints. 

We researched several national and international competitors. Our team studied the interface of each competitor and made notes. We even tested the booking process and the standards required to follow. We also studied many elderly care websites to understand what works and what doesn’t.

Our team used our research as a foundation and weighed it with our experience to come up with a minimalist design. We focused on delivering information as that was the website’s main goal. Additionally, we decided to develop only a few pages that were essential to the services. 

The final website design uses soft colours and easily-readable fonts. The UI is free of any complexities and boasts simplicity. The intuitive navigation allows patients to quickly find everything important without wasting time. 

We kept the home page light to present only essential information. The copy was intentionally short and meant to encourage powerful decision-making. The whole user journey flowed smoothly to encourage the visitors to take action. 

The reservation form is right at the top of the home page. It allows patients to book the services quickly and is made keeping emergencies in mind. We included only the essential fields to collect patient information to avoid delays. 

The booking process is simple, quick, and hassle-free, just as the client wanted. Even elders can make a reservation easily with a few clicks. 

Our team created a robust backend administrative interface to view and manage bookings. We prioritized simplicity and intuitiveness to make the task easy. It also offered the client more control over the daily operations.


The Care and Cure website can be used by a 5-year-old and an 80-year-old with the same ease. It is highly intuitive and optimized to offer the best user experience. Additionally, the responsive design means the site works flawlessly across devices. 

Feedback from users found the booking process to be highly user-friendly. Patients appreciated the simplicity and the short time it took to make a booking. They were also happy with the relevant information and to-the-point copy to allow efficient decision-making. 

The website attracts quality traffic with high rates of conversions. It is actionable and doesn’t waste time on unnecessary information or design.