Website Design and Development


Security and Compliance Solutions (Compsek) is one of India’s best cyber security agencies. It provides end-to-end services to protect businesses from threats online and inside the organisation. The company is a member of NASSCOM and is renowned for safeguarding leading names in the industry. 

Compsek has several offerings in its portfolio. It is popular for its security assessments that use advanced tools and top experts. The company also helps entrepreneurs attain compliance and manage cyber risks. Moreover, you can trust the agency for cyber governance and consulting services. It even offers managed security services for complete peace of mind.


The client required a professional and appealing website to establish its online presence. The site would talk to leading businesses and entrepreneurs in the country. The most important area was highlighting the esteemed services of the company.

Additionally, we had to build credibility for the client and create memorable branding. The client also wanted to attract organic traffic from search engines.


Webgiginfo conducted a few meetings with Compsek to understand its products and audiences. We noted down the demographics and all the information the client gave us. 

Our team started researching the demographics to learn the audience’s preferences and habits. It allowed us to come up with a fitting UI that seemed highly familiar to the visitors. Our designers created a modern and sleek website design for the client. It contains technical touches to remind one of the nature of services in the form of icons and backgrounds. 

We selected two shades of green as the primary colour palette. Moreover, we used a combination of black and white for the text for some freshness. 

The home page opens with a tech background with the vital offerings of the company. It presents a gist of all the services in a few short bursts of text. We also placed the contact information and a CTA to opt for Compsek’s services. 

We placed all the offerings of the company on the home page. It allows visitors to get necessary information without going into the details of each service. However, that is also possible, and we developed a separate page that goes in-depth into services. 

The home page uses bullet points over high-resolution images to present the company’s offerings. The images are placed in a scrollable grid for a smooth flow and to make information easy to digest. 

We developed a detailed service page with all company offerings. Visitors can read about each service in detail with a crisp copy written by our copywriters. A menu on the left allows visitors to quickly navigate to sections they want without scrolling the whole page.

Our team decided to create a separate page for case studies. It was the best way to show the credibility and expertise of the company. Our writers did a wonderful job of writing detailed case studies based on the technical information provided by Compsek. The case studies page is one of the website’s most visited pages. 

We also built an about us page to tell more about the company. It highlights the agency’s achievements and provides a glimpse of its journey. The page also contains the experience and expertise of the team members. 

Our developers created a contact page to convert leads quickly. We also developed a blog where the agency wanted to post updates and the latest news. The site even has a button right on top to request quotes. It is for visitors who wish to hire the company and do not need to waste time.


Compsek loved the website we made. It was professional and aesthetic to appeal to the Indian business community. The site is highly user-friendly and comes with an excellent user experience. 

The branding took off immediately as Compsek saw an increase in traffic from the day it went live. The home page with vital information receives countless clicks in the form of organic traffic. Our design, with ample white space, was able to highlight the information and boost conversions. 

The website is able to engage and retain visitors. The detailed service page sees countless conversions in a month. Moreover, the case studies establish the reputation and excellence of the company. It does the main job of convincing visitors to take action. 

Its responsive design allows it to work flawlessly across devices. The site is receiving significant mobile traffic for more leads.