Dastur Energy

Website Redesign and Development


Dastur Energy is a part of the Dastur group of companies. It conceptualizes, designs, and develops clean energy infrastructures for industries and businesses. The company excels in clean energy technology and is known for robust engineering solutions. 

Dastur has created a reputation all over the world. Recently, the USA chose it for a study on a carbon capture project on the Gulf Coast. Several governmental agencies worldwide also partner with the company to create a world of net zero. 

The headquarters of Dastur Energy is in Austin, Texas, USA. It operates in different countries and plays an important role in promoting clean energy.


Dastur Energy wanted to redesign its website. The company wanted to showcase its products and solutions appealingly. The client also wanted to create a fresh brand identity and provide a smooth experience to all users. 

It required an aesthetic website that was also user-friendly. Moreover, the company wanted to appeal to a global audience with an elegant design.

In addition, the client wanted several custom fields inserted in different sections of the website.


Webgiginfo worked as a partner of Wizard Communications to make the project a success. 

We started from scratch, with the first step being conceptualization. We conducted several meetings with the client to understand the project requirements. Also, any additional preferences were taken into account. 

Our team began brainstorming to come up with the right design and UI for the platform. We were targeting a global audience and had to understand the users thoroughly. Moreover, we had to stay consistent with the branding yet give it a fresh look. 

We chose WordPress for its sheer reliability and performance. Additionally, WordPress allowed us to focus on what’s important by reducing some of the development efforts. No wonder WordPress powers millions of websites on the internet.

Webgiginfo took a clean and modern approach to building the Dastur Energy website. We used ample white space and touches of blue for freshness. Our team made an effort to develop an amazing user experience, as the company was serving international clients. 

We developed several pages for Dastur. We followed the same consistency in branding across the website and pages. All the services and solutions of the company are presented in a way to capture attention. We also avoided having any distractions, focusing more on simplicity.


We designed and developed a quality website for Dastur Energy. It is meant to give visitors the freedom to navigate without hassle to key sections. The site uses several modern best practices, like a responsive design and clean coding. 

Webgiginfo was able to boost engagement and time spent on the website. It also offered a world-class user experience and served the specific taste of a unique industry. The site also aligns with the branding of Dastur and its cause to promote an energy-neutral world.