Fete Chocolate

Website Design and eCommerce Development



Fete is India’s favourite destination for buying authentic Belgian chocolates. The company sources cocoa from some top countries known for taste and excellence. It produces delicious and quality chocolates using European practices for a delicate and fine taste.

Each bar of chocolate comes from genuine cocoa beans with zero added flavours. The company processes small batches so that you get the best experience. It incorporates international standards and best practices to give you genuine Belgian taste. 

Fete has expanded its portfolio to offer a range of products. You can buy bark chocolates, kid’s chocolates, milk chocolates, and more.


Fete wanted a robust online store to sell its products. The website would be the only means to sell as the company doesn’t have a physical retail store. Therefore, the site was expected to handle significant traffic during daily operations.

Additionally, Fete wanted a blog to publish articles and news updates. It required the site to work smoothly and encourage conversions.



Webgiginfo gathered its designers to create an appealing website for Fete. We experimented with several layouts to find a seamless UI that suits food and edibles websites.

Our main focus was to showcase the products of the company. We wanted the main USP of the company – selling authentic Belgian chocolates. 

As a result, we let high-resolution images of products do the talking. We did not go for an intricate design or extravagance. We wanted to keep things simple to encourage intuitive navigation and optimum conversion. 

The home page welcomes visitors with the main products of Fete. These are the best-selling chocolates the company is known for. The photos stand out and attract attention the moment someone lands on the website. 

We placed CTAs at strategic locations to improve conversions. Visitors may also shop directly from the home page by clicking on products. Moreover, we included client testimonials to show why Fete is better than the rest of the competitors. 

The copy is concise and to the point. It is actionable and encourages visitors to check out the store. 

We created an about us page that lets visitors know more about Fete. Additionally, we created a blog where the company would post updates. We used WordPress for our development purpose as it offers reliable performance. 

Our team built a fast and responsive online store for Fete based on WooCommerce. It is a full-scale eCommerce store with all the bells and whistles. The store also works flawlessly on mobiles and helps target mobile consumers. 

Additionally, we created and uploaded individual product pages. We created product categories to sort the items and make way for a better experience. 

Moreover, the buyer journey is excellent and encourages visitors to place an order. We integrated payment methods to accept payments securely and safely. The site also offers several shipping methods with features like automatic cost calculation.

The website is secure and uses HTTPS. We also worked on SEO to make the site search engine-friendly and attract organic traffic. The products load fast, and the shopping experience is engaging.


The fete website is professional and appealing. It is able to catch attention and generate brand awareness. 

The product images and strategically-placed CTA lay the foundation for conversions. The site offers an excellent user experience that extends till checking out.

The intuitive UI and simplicity go a long way to boost conversions. Visitors can find products quickly and place their orders. 

Fete experienced a 120% increase in traffic since inception. It is converting visitors at a satisfactory rate and creating revenues. 

We delivered the project within the timeline and helped Fete save 7% of its development costs.