Krazy Trippers

Website Design and Development


Krazy Trippers is the best tour planning and management company for millennials. It focuses on tour groups to bring together like-minded folks who love travelling. The expert team handles everything, from planning to making reservations. You can enjoy carefully-thought itineraries to get the best time of your life. 

The tour agency excels in offering customised packages. You can embark on a journey across India or the whole world. Most importantly, Krazy Trippers prioritises the safety and comfort of each client. You can avoid all hassles and leave it to the company to ensure you have an excellent experience.


Krazy Trippers wanted a sleek and modern website to showcase their products. The website would act as the storefront of the company to attract customers. 

The site would allow customers to view the tour packages. They will be able to read about the tours in detail and check availability. Moreover, they would make reservations and make payments over the internet. 

The website would need to function flawlessly. It must offer a great booking experience and allow visitors to find important tour information quickly. 

Additionally, the site must encourage visitors to take action and book weekend, domestic, or international tours.


Krazy Trippers required a professional tour and travel website. It would cater to domestic and international audiences that wanted to get a taste of India. Moreover, it would facilitate enquiries and allow online bookings. 

Webgiginfo started researching competitors to discover current trends. We had developed travel websites before and had a good amount of exposure and experience. Our competitor research focused on the finer elements that made a difference in the overall user experience. 

We research the likes of Airbnb, Tripadvisor, and MakeMyTrip. All of them were renowned for providing great service and flawless apps. Our team also spent time understanding the client’s requirements thoroughly before setting out to design the website. 

We chose WordPress to power our website. It is a great platform for building tourism websites and offers excellent performance. WordPress is trusted by several leading brands that are known for quality and a huge market share. 

Our team decided to use WP Travel as the backbone of the website. This WordPress plugin is designed specifically for travel and tour websites. It allows developers to save countless hours by using strongly-established designs and elements from the travel industry. 

Moreover, we can build a powerful and scalable store to meet increased demand. 

WP Travel allowed us to save development costs and time. We could create a fantastic website that offered essential features like bookings, payments, customising tour packages, and more. 

Best of all, WP Travel supports elegant WordPress travel themes. It let us develop a modern website with a beautiful design. We decided to keep the site highly visual with high-resolution pictures of popular destinations. 

The home page opens with several banners that create a lasting impression at first glance. The visitor can then scroll to discover the popular packages offered by the company. They can view details about the tours and even explore tours in a category. 

Moreover, we added original pictures of tours managed by Krazy Trippers. They showed millennials having a gala time, which was the USP of the agency. We also decided to show the company’s competence through client video testimonials.

The page has a concise and actionable copy to encourage conversions. The trips and their details take up the major area of the home page. It presents essential information quickly and leads to quick action. Moreover, we included short bursts of text that tell more about the company and its offerings. 

Our team developed separate pages for domestic, international, and weekend travel. The pages present the available tours on offer. We also created separate pages for each tour detailing essentials like what cost covers, itinerary, and so on. 

Visitors can use several filters to narrow down their search. They may view tours based on location, duration, price, and starting dates. 

Each page displays the tours with essential information like duration and cost. They also show the availability and seats left for booking. 

Our developers used several custom fields to incorporate metadata into the content. It allowed search engines to understand the content and context better. 

We integrated the PayU payment method to accept payments from bookings. It was a bit of a challenge due to the complex nature of the process. However, we were able to succeed and allow our client to process payments reliably and safely. 

Our team developed an About Us section with several categories. It presented different sections on the history and USPs of the agency. 

Moreover, we built two individual pages for group and corporate tour enquiries. The pages allow visitors to leave their information to enquire about trips. We used forms to facilitate the process and collect the required information from visitors.


We were able to please our client beyond their expectations. The site performed like a champ, like the top brands in the industry. It attracted attention from the first click and engaged visitors with appealing visuals and intuitive navigation. The UI is seamless and fit for millennials who are used to technology. Additionally, the site is highly user-friendly and comes with a responsive design for working optimally on mobile screens. 

Krazy Trippers website is a delight to use. It presents the tours in an appealing way and encourages conversions. The site also makes it easy to search for information and zero in on tours based on several parameters. 

Moreover, the website has a quick and hassle-free booking process. It allows customers to book tours with convenience and ease. They also get an excellent user experience that boosts conversions. 

We also tweaked the website to score high on SEO grounds.