Parsan Pharma

Website Design and Development


Parson Pharma started its journey as a pharma liaison consultant. The company grew over the years to accommodate several industries like chemicals, agriculture, and health. Most importantly, Parsan is known for fueling the expansion of healthcare education. It is an instrumental name behind many new medical, nursing, and pharmacy colleges. 

Additionally, the company has helped set up many hospitals across India and abroad. 

Parson is one of the most reputed consultants with a wide network of partners worldwide. It serves the needs of growing businesses and helps them capture new markets. The company handles all formalities and provides end-to-end services to establish a strong market presence.


Parson Pharma wanted to develop a website to create its digital presence. It needed to give a digital transformation to its offerings that belonged to unique industries. Additionally, the client wanted to portray their experience and exposure on the website. 

Moreover, the company needed creative solutions to highlight its offerings. However, the complex information was required to be presented in an easily-digestible manner too. 

In addition, Parson wanted to keep the maintenance costs down and attend less to backend duties. They needed the website to be reliable and perform well for a long time.


Webgiginfo was dealing with Indian and global audiences. The company catered to several markets around the world. They offered a range of services that belonged to unique industries like agriculture and medical education. 

Our designers started brainstorming to come up with the ideal layout for the website. We also put our minds together to decide on the elements we would use. Our team studied several competitors to understand what works best for our client. 

We came up with a simple design with a clean layout for Parson. The main objective was to present the information in an easily-digestible and seamless manner. 

Therefore, we used ample white space to help readers catch their breath. We also used several high-resolution images to create an engaging experience. 

Our designers relied on several techniques like visual hierarchy and minimalism to get the brand message out there. In addition, we used several industry best practices and standard elements to create a sense of familiarity. 

We avoided clutter and made information highly scannable. It allowed visitors to grasp the details without feeling lost. 

Our team used the same approach for all the website pages. It is also another best practice to maintain brand consistency and click with your audience. We designed separate pages for the company’s services to give equal weightage to all offerings. 

We decided to work with WordPress to build the website. It suited the project requirements nicely, as the main goal was to present information. The site was not selling anything or taking registrations from users. 

Another benefit of using WordPress was a short development period. We could rely on standard elements and tailor them to meet our unique requirements. 

Moreover, WordPress provides reliable performance for the long term. It requires less maintenance and is not complex. It is relatively easy to update or upgrade software and plugins.

Webgiginfo completed the project before the deadline, and the outcome pleased our clients. The simple yet appealing website was a pleasure to use, and the information flowed easily.


The Parson Pharma website caters to a global audience. The number of visitors from organic search has remained steady over the months. Analytics also show time spent on the site by visitors is more than the industry standards. 

Webgiginfo’s efforts made the project a success based on a simple approach. We delivered a creative way to present the company’s offerings. Our design made sure readers could scan the text and still get the desired information. 

Parson received many leads using the contact form on their website. Our strategically placed CTAs caught the attention and resulted in action. The pleasing aesthetics and contrasting colour palette are soothing to the eye and make the information stand out.