Pratima Travels

Website Design and Development



Pratima Travels and Tours is a leading tour planning and management agency in Kolkata. It conducts local and international tours around the globe. The company is known for excellence and for ensuring the comfort and safety of travellers. 

Most importantly, Pratima Travels offers full-scale services to ensure zero hassles. From tour planning to sightseeing, the company takes care of everything. You can also count on the agency for ticket booking, hotel reservations, and travel document management. Moreover, you can book various government properties through the agency. 

Best of all, Pratima provides doorstep consultations. You can plan your tour sitting in the comfort of your home.


Pratima Travels wanted to develop a professional website. It wanted to promote its services and attract customers. Moreover, the company required a page to list all the properties available for booking. 

Additionally, the client wanted to create strong branding that resonated with their audience. It would compete with leading tourism brands that operate across India. 

The website would need to perform well to engage and convert visitors.



Webgiginfo put the best minds in the industry to create an appealing web design for Pratima Travels. We decided to rely on WordPress to build our website for top performance and reliability. Moreover, the project requirements were not complex enough to demand development from scratch. 

We researched and experimented with several layouts that fit the tourism industry. After a long search, we zeroed in on the right layout and theme. It was simple and presented the best hierarchy for presenting the services of the client. 

Our designers selected blue as the main colour with varying shades for contrast. We maintained the same consistency for all the website pages. Additionally, the images we used on the website followed the same consistency. 

Another important area was the use of white space. It allowed us to make the main messages stand out and ensure ease of navigation. The texts on the website are scannable and provide the right information quickly. 

The home page lets visitors discover the offerings of Pratima Travels. It also makes it clear why the company is best to arrange your tours. The branding clicked with the audience right away and built an engaging experience. 

We decided to put the main services of the agency in the form of icons. It allowed visitors to know about what’s on offer with a glance. Moreover, we displayed the USPs of the company and travel authorisations to build credibility. 

Our team developed an individual service page to present the company offerings in detail. We placed CTAs at strategic locations to promote conversions. 

Moreover, we built an about us page to let visitors learn about Pratima. The site also has a property page that provides information on different properties. Additionally, we created a page to display client testimonials. 

We develop a contact page to help visitors quickly get in touch.


The client was pleased with our efforts. We developed a professional website for Pratima with a branding fit to engage visitors. The smooth navigation and user-friendliness ensure a low bounce rate and more time spent on the website. 

The user experience is among the best in the tourism industry. Visitors don’t have to search around for information. The design and intuitive navigation nudges visitors towards conversion and clicking the contact button.

Pratima Travels experienced a 215% increase in traffic in the first three months. It also reported a 79% boost in conversion, resulting in more revenues. 

Visitors have also appreciated the performance of the website.