Rrhioui Jewellery

Web Design, Dropshipping Development, SEO, & Digital Marketing


Rrhioui jewellery is a leading diamond, jewellery, and natural gems supplier. It excels in sourcing authentic precious stones with ethical and industry-leading best practices. A G.G. gemologist heads the team in selecting the best solutions for unique needs. 

The company serves the internet of jewellery manufacturers, designers, and stone collectors. It also sells bespoke jewellery to make special moments memorable. The team consists of experts who can provide professional consultation to anyone looking for genuine stones or jewellery. You can source quality and rare gems not available elsewhere. 

Rrhioui jewellery has already become a leading name in the market.


Rrhioui jewellery wanted to create a portfolio website. The site would cater to an international audience and those who are used to getting pampered. It required an elegant design to show off its wide range of products. 

The requirements included creating product pages for all the company’s offerings. We would also need to aim for an excellent user experience to woo customers. 

Additionally, the site would require accepting and fulfilling orders. The client would also offer dropshipping of stones and jewellery.

Another important area was conversion. The website journey would be focused on nudging users down the sales funnel.


The main challenge of the project was presenting Rrhioui jewellery as the market leader. The website had to reflect the company’s experience and excellence. The website would need to stand out from the competitors to attract more leads.

Webgiginfo started brainstorming for the perfect design. We decided to use a minimalist approach following the examples of international competitors. The main colour palette was chosen as black and white. We also used grey as the third colour for fine touches and contrast. The colour scheme was applied to all the website pages for consistent branding.

Our team relied on WordPress to power the website. WordPress is one of the leading technologies behind the success of several brands. Additionally, we could focus on our design and development instead of performing basic tasks. 

We developed an elegant home page with lots of white space as the background. We experimented with fonts and styles until we zeroed in on the best match for our design. The black font and its style stood out to catch attention to what the website had to say. 

Our designers used several high-resolution images of products across the page. A section of the pictures had a grey tone to blend in with the surroundings. 

Next, we developed a showroom page for the client. It presented the products of the company. We built individual product pages for jewellery, complete with an enquiry function. Visitors have the ability to use price filters and search items using a search bar. 

We also created two more pages for diamonds and gemstones. These pages are still in development and coming soon. We made the product categories for these pages, which are easily accessible while browsing the products. 

Our team used WooCommerce to drive orders and sales. WooCommerce is one of the leading plugins that comes loaded with features to run a full-scale online store. It is also apt for dropshipping and sourcing products from different suppliers. 

We integrated payment methods and logistics to facilitate orders. The website also allows choosing between several shipping options. The buying journey is seamless and designed to fuel conversions and lower abandoned carts.

The website has an about us page to tell the company story. It is light and presents essential information quickly. We wrote the copy to align with the rest of the website – crisp and actionable. It tells more than the number of words we used and creates a strong appeal. It is meant to convert leads by nurturing them with the right experience and intuitive navigation. 

Webgiginfo developed a page to request quotes. It appears right on top of the website at all times to quickly request a quote. A visitor does not need to go through the whole website just to ask for a quote. 

We also created a contact page to get in touch with the company. The website even allows the creation of user accounts to manage quotes and products. Our developers set up the back-end to enable a smooth performance and fetching of data.


The Rrhioui jewellery website is at par with international brands and standards. The branding creates a sense of familiarity among those used to shopping for high-end products. The beautiful design and minimalist approach work together to boost conversions. We placed the CTAs at strategic locations to attract more attention and clicks. 

Rrhioui jewellery saw an increase of 115% in traffic and 88% in conversions in the first three months. Customers have appreciated the looks and feel of the website and the ease of finding the right information. 

Additionally, the user experience encouraged visitors to stay longer and request a quote. It is also a pleasure to shop for precious stones without a single inconvenience. The shopping experience is responsible for boosting the overall conversions.

The website’s branding has turned heads and created a name for the client in the market. The website is complete with SEO best practices to be search engine-friendly. It attracts organic traffic from search queries to bring in additional leads.