Sreejonee Art & Creations

Web Design, Development, SEO, & Digital Marketing


Srejonee was started to expand the reach of Bengal’s culture, which once stretched from Bihar to far Tripura. It aims to bring talented artisans into the spotlight and give them a space with in-house experts. Rare art and craft items blended for everyday use find a place in their store, ready for international orders. 


The company is known for giving back to society and furthering the cause of women’s empowerment and environment-friendliness. All products are made with love and care in India, ready for the world to amaze and explore. From apparel to kitchenware, you will find everything to suit your preferences.


The client wanted to create a modern, aesthetic online store to sell their products. They wanted a full-scale eCommerce store with all the bells and whistles to offer a great shopping experience. 

Moreover, the website required logistics integration and the ability to manage orders. The company also wanted a hassle-free shipping process and seamless payments. 

Most importantly, the branding had to stay consistent and align with the taste of a global audience.


Webgiginfo started the project at the earliest as the client gave us a tight deadline. We had to create a full-fledged eCommerce store, complete with product pages and more. 

Our team understood the client’s requirements thoroughly before brainstorming. We researched several layouts and themes to zero in on the right design. Our goal was to maintain brand consistency yet give a fresh appeal to the website. 

We chose WordPress for its sheer performance and reliability. It is a stable platform that lets us deliver meaningful user experiences. Our developers are never ready to compromise and always select the best solution for your needs.

Moreover, we decided to build the online store on the foundation of WooCommerce. It is a robust eCommerce plugin with advanced features to sell a range of products. WooCommerce is among the best infrastructures to build a modern and sleek eCommerce store. 

Most importantly, WooCommerce packs most functionalities that online shoppers demand today. It prevents reinventing the wheel and using standard features to save development time, effort, and budget. 

Best of all, we can quickly customize the elements to meet client requirements. 

We were able to create an amazing online store for Srejonee. We uploaded countless products, complete with variations and all nuances. Our team also created several sections for the products for a great shopping experience. 

Additionally, we prepared the website for an international audience. Our team ensured the shipping process was geared for deliveries in different countries. 

We integrated several payment gateways, as the client suggested. Another feature was the currency converter to allow payments in several currencies. 

Webgiginfo was able to charm the client with a fantastic website. Customers also loved the shopping experience, which felt like a pleasure. Our team also took care to beef up the security of the site using industry-leading best practices. 

Next, our team tweaked the website for the best SEO results. We implemented the right schema and attended to all the requirements to make the website search engine-friendly. From researching keywords to creating meta titles, we took care of everything.

Additionally, we ensure the website performs like a star. We kept things simple to allow quick loading speeds and transactions. Moreover, we handled off-page tasks like link building and optimizing the business to attract local audiences. 

Webgiginfo was hired for digital marketing to grow Srejonee’s exposure. We have arranged several campaigns, including social media, to bring more visibility. Our team is also running ad campaigns on search engines and sites like Facebook with success.


Srejonee started attracting customers and making sales from its inception. The website design clicked with the audience and offered them a welcoming feeling. The intuitive navigation of the site, coupled with simple navigation, encouraged more conversions. We wanted to nudge the visitor towards the checkout page with every bit of our design.

The eCommerce store offers an excellent user experience. We made looking for products easier with a search bar. Everything is meant to encourage visitors to click the “buy” button. 

The SEO efforts of Webgiginfo saw a 35% increase in traffic. The website attracted more clicks from organic search results. It was also getting customers from local markets.

Our digital marketing campaigns resulted in increased sales. The company received countless orders that went on to increase its revenues by 15%. 

We handled the end-to-end process of creating Srejonee’s online presence and growing it to a strong brand with countless customers.