Supplements Crowd

Web design, development & blogging project


Supplements Crowd is the go-to resource for bodybuilders, athletes, and fitness freaks. It provides up-to-date and relevant information on dietary supplements. Every blog provides scientific evidence and well-researched opinions on interesting topics. 

The platform also caters to the needs of anyone who wishes to stay well. You can find authentic reviews of protein powders, creatine, BCAAs, pre-workout, and other supplements. Additionally, readers can access articles on vitamins, probiotics, and more. 

Supplements Crowd presents some of the best products for athletes and bodybuilders. It acts as an independent source for genuine product reviews. You can also enjoy expert insights and tips on improving your well-being.


The supplements industry is highly competitive. Additionally, several websites provide biased information that is difficult to differentiate from genuine advice. 

Supplements Crowd wanted a platform to present accurate information on supplements. It would deal with several categories of supplements for sports persons and bodybuilders. 

Additionally, the brand wanted to create a strong online presence. It would publish blogs regularly to build authority and a loyal following. 

Moreover, the website would need a good user experience to boost conversions and earn profits.


The needs of Supplements Crowd were seemingly simple. We had to create a website focused on blogging to build reputation and domain authority. 

Our designers created an appealing yet simple design for the client. We decided to go ahead with a contrasting colour palette of blue and grey. Our team kept the same approach for different pages of the website.

The colour scheme fits any website dealing with healthcare or well-being. Reputed websites follow simple colour palettes to make information stand out. We followed the best practice to help our client get the best results. 

We avoided clutter and prioritised intuitive navigation. The home page uses a visual hierarchy to present the most important information and catch attention. Additionally, we incorporated a search bar instead of using banners or sliders. 

It is the essential action any visitor wants to perform when they land on the website without following any blog link. 

Additionally, we presented the main categories on the home page for easy navigation. Everything a visitor would need was highly visible and accessible. 

We created three main pages for the website, excluding the home page. They present a similar approach and let visitors search for blogs. 

Additionally, we created icons of top supplement categories right under the search bar. It allows anyone to click on the icons to find relevant blogs. 

The supplement pages also present current blogs of the category. Visitors don’t need to search or click around to find blogs. 

The whole UI and UX results in a superior user experience. The WordPress website is easy to use and allows users to find what they are looking for quickly. 

Webgiginfo was in charge of writing the website content. The website copy was short and concise to boost conversions. 

Additionally, we are writing blogs for the client. Our writers deliver impeccable work to meet all requirements and increase traffic. We handle every part of the process:

  • Finding relevant topics to attract traffic
  • Researching keywords
  • Writing flawless blogs with scientific evidence
  • Writing reviews of supplements
  • Finding high-quality images to go along
  • Publishing the blogs
  • Sharing the blogs on social media


Supplements Crowd was more than happy with the website we made. The client liked the simple design and navigation that attracted and converted visitors. The important information stood out and caught attention, encouraging users to stay on.

The search bar turned out to be highly useful. Countless people were using it to search for topics and blogs. The flow of information is smooth, making it easily digestible. 

The categorisation of blogs also worked well. It allowed visitors to find information quickly without wasting time. 

The blogs written by us went on to attract more organic clicks. They were informative and comprehensive, with expert insights. 

The website’s domain authority started climbing up as the days passed. We posted more blogs to capitalise on the latest trends and topics. 

The rich information and scientific evidence helped Supplements Crowd build a band of loyal followers. The blogs also encouraged visitors to click the CTAs and boost conversions. 

Supplements Crowd has become a trusted authority source for expert opinions on Supplements.