Website Design and Development


Techfosys is a grown tech company located in Kolkata. It helps startups and entrepreneurs create their online presence. The company also develops software, mobile apps, and websites for a range of industries. 

In addition, the tech firm is known for its cyber security services. It allows many business owners to sleep in peace with reliable security solutions. Moreover, Techfosys builds seamless eCommerce solutions to sell a plethora of products. 

The portfolio of the company also includes game development for desktop and mobile. You can even rely on its expertise for search engine optimisation (SEO) and analytics. 

Another important area is logistics solution development. 


Techfosys looked forward to creating a strong presence on the internet. It wanted to stand out from the competitors with services that were not so unique. Therefore, we had to impress visitors at first glance and make a strong impression. 

Along with that, we had to capture attention and highlight the products and services. The branding was required to be bold and reflect the digital nature of the business. 

The company wanted every website visitor to feel at ease and create a memorable experience.


Webgiginfo used questionnaires to get to know the client’s preferences and requirements. It gave us a sense of branding and the approach required to adopt. Our team also conducted competitor research and analysis to refine our strategy. 

The designers in our team started to work on a wireframe. It allowed us to ensure everything worked and flowed seamlessly. We focused on the site architecture to simplify navigation and make the vital areas highly visible. Users could access all important things with only a few clicks. 

Next, we prioritised the structure of the content. We experimented with different colours and fonts to find the best combination. Our designers used shades of blue to create a welcoming feeling and serve important information. 

We kept the copy short and sweet as no one had the time to read big walls of text. The content was concise and crisp, ready to turn heads and encourage conversions. 

Our team relied on WordPress as the foundation of the website. WordPress is a boon for developers and businesses alike for top performance and reliable development. We created an appealing home page with the offerings of the company. The exposure and competitive advantage was also reflected in our copy. 

Webgiginfo developed a service and an approach page to make the company stand out from the competitors. The pages presented short bursts of information that expressed the business methodology and USPs. 

Our team attended to the technical aspects with prowess. The site loads quickly, and there are no disruptions across the user journey. The text is easily skimmable and allows Techfosys to convert visitors with an aesthetic design.


Techfosys’s website is professional and beautiful. It has intuitive navigation and allows users to find their way around easily. All the important information is clearly visible, and there is no need to read long lines of text. 

The website offers an excellent user experience. Everything flows smoothly, and pages load without any delay. Users have given feedback about the quality of the site and ease of use. 

The colour scheme and UI create a memorable experience for the users. They instantly recognise the brand and can form a connection.