The Wood Factory

Websitre Design and Development


The Wood Factory is a leading furniture manufacturer and retailer in Nigeria. All products are made with excellent craftsmanship and quality products to offer the best experience. You can find chic and trendy tables, beds, benches, sofas, and more made with utmost care and expertise. 

The team consists of experienced artisans, architects, and interior decorators. The company excels in renovation and giving new looks to homes and offices. You can transform the whole ambience of your property and improve your aesthetics to contemporary tastes. 

The Wood Factory has achieved a long list of happy clients and loyal customers over the years.


The client wanted to build a sleek and modern website to showcase products and services. They wanted to appeal to the present generation and stand out from the competition. 

The requirements also required a site that works perfectly on mobiles. Additionally, the client wanted to focus on intuitive navigation. 

It was also a necessity to establish the company’s branding. The uniqueness of its products had to be conveyed to the visitors in the most appealing way.


Webgiginfo’s first step was to understand the audience the Wood Factory was targeting. Its users were located across Nigeria and were used to different tastes and preferences.

Our team spent countless hours researching and conducting meetings with the client. We gained a thorough understanding of the audience and got down to planning the design.

We wanted to keep things simple so visitors could feel at ease and comfortable. Additionally, we decided to create an immersive experience prioritizing high-resolution visuals. 

Our designers create the wireframe with the basic functions and pages. It clicked with the client, and we got down to developing the website. 

We chose WordPress to power the website because of its stability and performance. Our team could focus on building a great website without worrying over repetitive workflows. The approach helped us save time and budget for the client. 

Our developers created separate pages for the website with an individual section for products. We added all the offerings and services to create one of the best portfolio websites. Additionally, we uploaded high-resolution images that users could score seamlessly to check out a product. 

Moreover, we create a separate section to highlight the interior designing services. We kept the page highly visual with small bodies of text to boost engagement. 

The website stood out from the competitors and was able to win the client’s recognition. It also worked flawlessly on mobile to target mobile users in Nigeria.


The Wood Factory was able to deliver an amazing user experience based on Webgiginfo’s efforts. Our minimalistic approach clicked with the audience and made the website a charm to use. 

Additionally, the large visuals and ample white space conveyed the brand message easily. We maintained consistency all through the website to create a sense of familiarity. 

The project page attracts a huge number of clicks and brings countless leads for Wood Factory. The visual presentation of the projects easily highlights the prowess of the company’s interior designers. 

The portfolio section for products is highly intuitive and presents the products in an appealing way. We avoided clutter and made the pictures do the most of the talking. 

The Wood Factory is one of the top websites built by Webgiginfo.