Theme Scape Interiors

Website Design and Development


Theme Scape Interiors is a reputed interior design and renovation company in India. It portrays luxury and extravagance and makes the most of the modern lifestyle. The company employs US-certified designers to create amazing living experiences for the elite and influential. It has several specimen homes across the USA and India, serving as its hallmark excellence. 

The company is popular for beautifying spaces and coming up with creative solutions. You can hire its expertise to give your home a complete makeover. From boosting your curb appeal to furnishing your interiors, full-scale services are available from Theme Scape.


The client needed a professional and beautiful website to present their services. The company wanted to create several pages to highlight its portfolio and expertise. The target audience was the cream layer of society, and the site required perfect branding and design. 

Theme Scape wanted a separate page to list its services and attract customers. Webgiginfo was also asked to develop a blog and review page. 

One of the most important aspects was delivering a seamless user experience. 


Webgiginfo began by researching the target audience. It spanned the population across India and the US. Therefore, we were speaking to a domestic and international audience. 

Moreover, the target audience was known for luxurious living. It was used to being pampered and expecting the best in the world. The website had to be appealing and effective enough to convert the audience into booking the company’s services.

Our designers started brainstorming for the perfect design. We adopted a minimalist approach to highlight the company and its offerings in the best manner. Additionally, we decided to remain highly visual to connect with the audience and show how a complete renovation or makeover would feel. 

The main theme of the website hovered around opulence. We used the client’s works as the background, with the main colour palette being black and white. The fonts and the whole colour scheme of the website follow the same approach and create a feeling of elegance. 

The home page welcomes visitors with a high-resolution, wide-screen video of international living. It is in black and white to stay consistent with the branding. The colour scheme also speaks of sophistication and creates an immersive experience. Best of all, a second or two is enough to impress the visitors and make a great first impression. 

The rich experience of the home page is matched by the portfolio section. We decided to let the pictures do the talking and show the prowess of the client’s work. The page also embeds videos to provide a 360-degree view of living in luxury. 

The services page presents the services of the company in an appealing way. We used pictures with short bursts of text to provide the right information to customers. Our designers avoided clutter to make the information stand out and encourage conversions. 

The reviews page contains testimonials from customers. It also has a contrasting black-and-white colour scheme to maintain brand consistency. The page shows customer reviews and video testimonials, which are the main elements of the page. 

Webgiginfo created a blog to post updates and news. The colour scheme and background feature the same approach and consistency. We also created an about us page, an events page, and a contact page.


Theme Scape was happy to get a professional and elegant website. Our research helped us create the perfect solution that speaks to Indian and international audiences. The design was seamless, with intuitive navigation and high responsiveness. It looks as beautiful on a desktop as on a mobile screen. 

Webgiginfo was able to create a website that portrayed what Theme Scape stood for. It is as per the sophisticated taste and preferences of the elite class. Best of all, using the site is a pleasure and comes with a fantastic user experience. 

The user journey of the website is focused on conversions. The visuals and effective copy allow the site to push visitors towards checking out the portfolio and services. Conversions happen smoothly, and the company experienced a 200% increase in traffic just after going live.